• A sign of things to come

    We’ll it’s here, Smile Longboards has officially opened for business in the digital realm! Party hats are on full tilt.
    Here at Smile Longboards, we are continuously striving to improve ourselves in how we reach out to our customer base. Taking over recently after being in such good hands for the last few years we were a bit nervous on how to go beyond what had already been done before. Having relied on Facebook for so long, it was a great resource to read up on comments and suggestions ( including some of our own when we were on the other side of the stall ) on how to reach our expanding audience more efficiently. Plans were put in motion to get the ball rolling on development and now the time has finally come to publish our efforts!
    We would like to mention that this is only the beginning, and therefore things are going to start off a bit more of a jog than a sprint so please bear with us as we work to get up more recent sections of our stock online. In the next few weeks we are working to guarantee that we will have 100% of what we offer up online so that you have a quick and easy resource to rely on whenever your interested in viewing what we have in stock! There is also the added benefit of flash sales and our dedicated blog to keep up to date on new inventory and developments within Smile Longboards. We wish everyone a wonderful 2014 and bring on the summer!
    Boi & Eddy

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