• A recap on our re-launch...

    We would like to say a big thank you to all who came out to Lanky Plank in support of Smile Longboards’ re-launch and make it as great as it was.
    It was the perfect atmosphere of entertainment and antics to help reintroduce ourselves and provide a platform to voice our goals we have in store for the future of Smile. It was quite a nail biter initially, knowing how fickle the weather on the South coast likes to behave, yet the size of the turnout and the variety of people, boards, styles and stoke couldn’t have been better.
    As always, Lanky Plank’s traditional raffle provided an ample amount laughs while helping raise a very respectable amount of £385 to be split evenly towards Brighton and Hove Skatepark Association and the Marine Conservation Society. Having said that, the moment of the night for us arrived coincidentally during the award of the final raffle prize, our downhill machine aptly called the Sea Calf. Against all odds, it was won by none other than the person who we took over Smile Longboards from and couldn’t have been more of a metaphorical baton pass if we tried; truly great way to finish the night.
    Not wanting to steal the show, there was also a great selection of wares on show and prizes kindly donated by our friends Brighton Watersports, Kamikaze Boards, Vikings of Skate, delicious treats by Sam’s Brownies and outdoor indo board entertainment by Jpix Art ( never thought we would look so good in Glow-in-the-dark ). To round things off, Baked Beats was on deck to provide excellent tunes throughout to keep the crowd moving and energize those that were enjoying a skate outside. All-in-all a fantastic night to help set the bar for things to come.
    We’re eagerly awaiting the next Lanky Plank ( which will take place sometime during the round off of the summer ) to resume festivities and help make it bigger, better and more accessible for all. For some more great pictures of the night, head over to here on Facebook to see all that people got up to. Cheers and see you all again soon!
    Boi & Eddy

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