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  • Tortuga - Timber Boards
"If you want a versatile freestyle dancer, look no further. Well, you can look elsewhere, but you will come back to this board anyways!"

Even we are surprised by the balance of this board. Somehow it all fits. The multiple wheelbase options gives this board so many different characters. A wide set-up gives it more dampened flex for that smooth dancing and high pop, while the short wheelbase gives it a more responsive flex and big kicks. The concave is mellow and turns upward at the stance. This gives the flex a very unique feeling and a very comfortable stance. Throw in three different flex options and you can always find the Tortuga that fits your style.

Length : 45.25 in
Width : 8.85 in
Wheelbase : 22.7 in - 30.07 in

Birch with fiberglass, carbon fiber and bamboo in the nose and tail

Flex Options

Flex - The Tortuga flex is the most flexible of the lot. Best suited for riders between 30 and 65kg. If you are 70kg this board will have lots of flex.

Medium - The medium Tortuga is best suited for riders between 50 and 80kg. If you are 50kg, the board will have a stiff and solid feel.

Stiff - With an added layer of carbon fiber, the stiff Tortuga is able to withstand a lot more force from that pesky little thing called gravity. The stiff option is best suited for skaters between 70kg and 100kg.

Tim gave his first shot at editing and this is what he came up with. Some random clips he still had of skating a proto of the very soon to be released Timber Tortuga! Available for pre-order now.

Posted by Timber Boards on Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Nadya Doerga in Concrete Haze

We're happy to announce Timber Boards rider Nadya Doerga is now sponsered by X-SportsWorld. Congratulations Nadya! Nadya Doerga skates on the medium Tortuga in Concrete Haze wich is filmed by Kim Klunder! watch the video, It's bloody marvelous!

Posted by Timber Boards on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

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