Tuvalu - Buddywood


Tuvalu - Buddywood
  • Tuvalu - Buddywood
  • Tuvalu - Buddywood
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"Its small size makes it nimble and maneuverable for those impossible tricks in ditches and bowls, in addition to gliding with incredible ease"

It’s the most complete short longboard that has ever been on the market! The combination of sandwiched laminated bamboo at its core in addition to several layers of epoxy laminate and Canadian maple veneers makes this 85 cm longboard extremely strong. The camber gives it a soft flex and the drop-through construction enhances stability, making this compact longboard the perfect ally for practicing both giant slalom as well as quick turn slopes.

Length : 33.3 in
Width : 8.5 in
Wheelbase : 23.5 in

Laminated Bamboo Core
Epoxy Laminate
Canadian Maple

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